Psychic Readings In Ireland

Hello and welcome. We are Anne and Chris Davies.
With over 20 years experience of psychic readings, shamanic and paranormal events. We now offer our services and the highest level of expertize available in the south west of Ireland in 2019. We also currently offer a talk to a psychic and email psychics service.

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It's Your Choice - Intuitive Psychic Reading

Question or no question and if you have a preference of reader - thats all we need to know.

All subjects covered

Love and relationships, business and careers, the future and more.

You don't need to choose a type of reading, we can decide the best type of reading for you. A variety of traditional reading techniques that will answer the vast majority of questions. Click the buttons below for more info.

  About Services

A confidential, impartial and professional service available throughout South West Ireland. We work with both groups and individuals from home and we can also visit you. Visit us - minimum booking 30 minutes. Visit you - minimum booking 60 minutes. Email and phone readings.

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Psychic Readings - Fortune Tellings

Psychic readings last for a maximum of 30 mins, fortune tellings last for a maximum of 10 mins and are based on tradtional Cartomancy techniques - both services are available. You can ask questions - or have an open reading. Hearts Desire, Future Vision, Past Present Future, Spirit Message, Mystical Cross - for virtually any subjects conceivable.

Exploring The Mystical Cross

Mind, body, spirit and emotions are all unique areas within your life...

Tarot Cartomancy Shamanism

For centuries people have sought the advice of seers, mystics and wise women.
Tarot, Shamanic knowledge and Cartomancy were born from that tradition.
Consulted because they provided meaningful, independent answers they have stood the test of time - this is the basis of our knowledge.

    Top Quality Psychics

About Anne

 Psychic Readings Ireland By Anne

 Marker Stones Used For Psychic Readings.

A Tool Used For Psychic Readings


As a reader I find that many of the answers to peoples questions can be found by looking into the past at the origins and source of present situations. My aim is to do this with empathy and understanding.
I find that illumination of current events can be achieved by looking deeply into the relationships, dreams and ambitions of clients providing valuable insights.
My aim is to approach every reading with a caring, unbiased attitude. Exploring unconscious attitudes, feelings and emotions which contribute to all aspects of life and reveal hidden truths allowing self realization and expansion.


About Chris

Psychic Reading In Ireland By Chris

 Shamanic Marker Stones Used For Psychic Work.

A Tool Used For Psychic Divination.


Hello I'm Chris and I can give you a cool headed and logical reading based on study and knowledge. I specialize in the future and always remind my clients that endless possibilities exist to create the one they want.

I often find the root cause of your present circumstances and predict what the future results of your actions may be. I refer to both your present life and the greater spiritual hidden journey.

I help to shed light on the hidden undercurrents and subliminal thoughts that impact and direct the energies that affect your life now and in the future.



Costs, Booking And Payments

Psychic readings and fortune telling services are priced the same - €60 for half an hour, €90 for an hour. Extra charges are made for visits, prices vary depending on location. All payments can be made through this website and are processed through Paypal secure transactions. Click on the buttons below for detailed information about services in each area.

Hen Parties

Special hen party packages for hotels and private venues. 1 hour or more of variety psychic readings. Designed for 6 people or more. Flexible arrangements. South west Ireland.

€150 Euro - €250 Euro.

Hen Parties

Email Readings

If you can't make it in person why not buy an email reading from this website. Readings include video, photo with audio and text. An excellent alternative way to get a high quality psychic reading.

€20 Euro - €40 Euro.

Email Readings

Phone Readings

Speak to either of us on the phone via Skype. Choose either video or voice calls. High definiton webcams and professional microphones for a high quality experience.

€20 Euro/ 10mins - €40 Euro/ 20mins.

Phone Readings

Psychic Readings

Last for a maximum of about 30 minutes and are intended to give a deep understanding of a situation or answers to questions. Aimed at the person seeking the full experience of a true reading. Interaction with the reader can produce greater understanding.

€60 Euro/ 30 mins - €90 Euro/ 60 mins.

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Fortune Telling

We usually give fortune tellings to groups or whilst travelling around Ireland. Each fortune telling lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes and is intended to give a brief overview of a situation, perfect for yes and no questions. Intended for the person who wishes to dip their toes in the water.

€10 Euro per person.

Visiting Prices and availability vary depending on which county you live in.

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Preparing For A Reading

How You Get The Best From Your Reading

In order to get the best from a reading you might consider the following points.

1. If you have a question, prepare your question before your appointment
2. Write the question down on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere safe. It is needed for reference later as it can be surprising how many people are not sure exactly what question they have asked.
3. Interact with us if you require clarification on any subject.
4. Take notes during your reading or have someone with you for that purpose.

What We Do To Provide Top Quality

We will try to give the best service we can provide.

1. We will require you to switch off your mobile phone during a psychic reading, to avoid interruption and improve our focus and concentration.
2. We have read all the critics views of the things they dislike about psychics. We have modelled our service to address these issues.
3. We take every reading extremely seriously and intend to give a beneficial and positive experience for all involved.
4. Our readings are based on what is known, not our own personal opinions. We will explain the information to you that is shown and attempt to relate the symbolic meanings to your circumstances. We will try to make your experience meaningful and enjoyable.