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Tarot readings, fortune tellings, psychic readings and psychic workshops for corporate events and private parties.

We're dedicated psychics who provide private parties and corporate businesses with entertainment

Our focus is on creating an enjoyable, informative and memorable psychic experience for clients whilst assuring that services are provided with a high degree of professionalism.

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Our unique hand crafted tools are interactive and precise which creates great positive feedback, perfect for parties and events...

With over 20 years experience and study of psychic readings,tarot and fortune tellings we are amongst Irelands best psychic entertainers.

Tarot Readings

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All of our readings are based on the official Rider-Waite and Alfred Douglas Tarot decks.

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Fortune Tellings

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Our fortune tellings are based on traditional Romany Cartomancy techniques and interpretations.

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Psychic Readings

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Our psychic readings conform with the best practice and protocols employed by psychics worldwide.

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Psychic Workshops

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Workshops designed to change perceptions of reality . Practical demonstrations. Client participation. More about workshops...

We provide top quality psychic entertainment for all types of events

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