Questions About Fortune Telling

Fortune tellers are often seen as inferior to psychics because their techniques are largely misunderstood. We currently offer this service in Ireland and so here we take a closer look at this traditional practice of divination.

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About Our Fortune Telling Methods

Knowledge Based Fortune Telling

 Our Shamanic Divination Tools Known As Rounds

What knowledge are your methods built on?

We have described our methods in detail.
Divination techniques explained.

About Fortune Telling

A Closer Look At Fortune Telling

    What is the difference between a fortune teller and a psychic?

  • Very little is different. Some people think that fortune telling is not as serious a subject as psychic reading. Fortune telling tends to be a more light hearted affair and is regarded as entertainment associated with the traditional fairground.

  • Are you fortune tellers?

  • Yes we are. We offer traditional fortune telling throughout Ireland as part of our repertoire. We practice some of the traditional techniques such as the hearts desire for questions about love and yes or no answers as well as past, present and future readings.

  • What does a fortune telling involve?

  • Often performed when we are travelling, our fortune telling is aimed at the person who does not require an in depth psychic reading. A much quicker scenario of about 10 minutes or less and extremely well suited to a simple yes or no question or brief overview, these readings are also traditionally cheaper.

  • Is fortune telling accurate?

  • Yes it is every bit as accurate as our longer psychic readings. In some ways the less that is said the more impacting the message is and it is certainly easier to remember. We use the same divination tools when we perform fortune telling as for our psychic reading.

  • What do you do during a fortune telling?

  • Before the reading any fortune telling commences we spiritually protect ourselves with a brief cleansing ceremony using incense smoke, this is a tradition to stop negative energies. We don't take the customer through a cleansing ceremony. We can then ask you if you have a yes or no type question or prefer a past, present and future overview. Verbal interaction is not required to any great extent, you can just see what unfolds.

  • How much does fortune telling cost?

  • Our minimum charge for this service is €10 per person / great for small groups or individuals. You can book a reading using the normal process and use our time in the way that suits you best or simply approach us if you see us traveling around Ireland in our van. Call us for further details.

Helpful Warnings

For some unknown reason people are able to predict events before they unfold. We have included an incredible true story of a future warning that we received and witnessed a few years ago. This is how events unfolded.

My car had just failed it's N.C.T [ again! ] and so I had it parked at the side of the house whilst I laid underneath it to examine the part that needed replacing, I was not trying to make any predictions of the future. A feeling of dread suddenly came over me.

" you are in terrible danger, you are going to be killed right now, get up and move quickly - run! " a voice said in my mind.

I have learnt to trust these inner voices so I got up and ran into the house where Anne was standing, " look I know this sounds crazy but my life is in danger right at this moment - something is dreadfully wrong " I said. She looked at me like I had lost my mind as I repeated what I had just said, I was in a state of total panic. Suddenly the look on her face changed from disbelief to total horror and she jumped back wards and stared behind me.
A huge silage bale had just rolled down the hill behind me, smashed through our garden fence, flattened the onion patch, obliterated the compost bin and then finally came to rest smashing into the car exactly where I had been laying. The door and wing of the car were damaged quite badly - if I had been there it could have proved to be fatal. I have no idea how or why I received the warning.

Chris Davies

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Fortune Telling

What Are The Disadvantages?

  • Fortune telling historically has a bad reputation through its portrayal in Hollywood and popular culture.
  • You are unlikely to be able to receive in depth information focusing on one particular area of life during a fortune telling.
  • A fortune telling session is likely to be short in duration compared to most other types of psychic reading .
  • Fortune tellers can be hard to come by. Usually only found among traditional travelling people, at fairs, etc.
  • Fortune telling can be restrictive in terms of the number of questions which can be answered in one sitting.

What Are The Advantages?

  • These type of readings get straight to the point and can be very accurate.
  • Fortune tellings are often quicker and less expensive than other reading types.
  • A lighter hearted fortune telling can sometimes suit people more than an in depth psychic reading.
  • Fortune tellings can be a great form of entertainment.
  • Fortune tellers, by their nature are often more down to earth than your 'natural born psychic' who tend to take themselves far more seriously .

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