Questions About Psychic Readings

There are many different types of psychic readings available today. Here we explain our service in more detail, what to expect and how we work.

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About Our System Of Psychic Readings

Knowledge Based Psychic Readings

 Our Shamanic Divination Tools Known As Rounds

What knowledge system is this built on?

During a time of trouble we arranged a meeting with a medicine man, we saw first hand the power that can be harnessed from the correct application of knowledge within the medicine wheel and also the application of shamanism. We decided to find out more about the medicine wheel and the principles of using various techniques of shamanism, this is the foundational basis of our dvination system.

We observed that there were complimentary principles which existed throughout all the divination and esoteric systems that we had studied including the medicine wheel and shamanism. We recognised an underlying connecting principle which united them all. We compiled all the complimentary information together in our system, many symbols that we have included are probably recognizable if you study the image above. Our system includes complimentary principles from:

  • Parapsychology And Syncronicity: Carl Jung

  • Shamanic Knowledge

  • The Medicine Wheel

  • The Tarot: Sheridan Douglas Tarot, Ryder Waite Tarot

  • Cartomancy: Traditional Cartomancy

  • Astrology: Sun Astrology

  • Folk Lore: Celtic Tree Lore

  • Flower Remedies: Alternative Therapies By Edward Bach

From a fallen Ash tree branch we cut 72 discs, wooden rounds. We created a symbol to represent each piece of information we had compiled, we created over 500 symbols and drew them onto the rounds. We created a complex hieroglyphic language of our own, it took over three years to fully complete. We know the meanings of all the symbols, they act as a psychic link between the conscious and subconscious mind. This is real shamanic divination.

 A Wooden Shamanic Round

About Psychic Readings

A Closer Look At Our Psychic Readings

    What happens during a psychic reading?

  • Before the reading commences we spiritually protect ourselves and you with a brief cleansing ceremony using incense smoke, this is a tradition to stop negative energies. We can then address any issues or questions you may have or give you a general past, present and future reading. Verbal interaction will produce fascinating results, use our knowledge to journey into the hidden subconscious aspects of life.

  • What is meant by Shamanic knowledge?

  • Lakota shamanism, the Tarot, cartomancy, numerology, parapsychology, astrology, tree lore and legends all contain the same unifying theories with clearly visible links to unite them. Our in depth study and knowledge of these subjects have empowered us to combine this information to create genuine shamanic tools that encompass these powerful principles to give clear definite information.

  • What is different about a Shamanic psychic reading?

  • Shamanic readings are not based on guess work, they are knowledge applied to answer specific questions and situations. We use our intuition to piece together the information shown into meaningful explanations which are based on the principles of universally accepted shamanic practice followed by a wide range of diverse cultures. Shamanic psychic readings are a traditional, safe and truthful form of divination.

General Psychic Readings

We offer general psychic readings for an over view of any situation. We often use this type of reading to answer a wide variety of questions.

    What is involved in a general reading?

  • Everything has a past, present and future, so these readings are flexible and extremely effective. We will go through each area and see what is shown. The past will feature key events and often influential people and decisions that you have made, your strongest emotions and feelings are connected with this area. The present will pick up on your immediate earthly circumstances especially work and money matters and often shows the barriers to your material success. The future will concentrate on what may lay in your future and can show anything from future knowledge and events to key people and choices you may need to make, it is intended to give you advance knowledge of where your current actions are leading

  • When do you use this type of reading?

  • We use these readings for people who do not have a specific question, and sometimes to answer specific questions also. We use this readings in all circumstances from face to face meetings, phone or email readings.

Love And Relationship Readings

We offer psychic readings specifically aimed at answering questions about relationships. You can request either of us to carry out a reading of this sort, you can decide between the male or female perspective.

We usually use the hearts desire spread if you are looking to find out if you are seen in the future with your chosen love. Circumstances surrounding the relationship question are shown and explained. Prominent people are often featured , it will look into the past, present and future in a reading of this type It is wise to only draw this kind of spread once in a while.

Spirit Connection Readings

According to shamanic knowledge there is a way to connect with the spirit world. We offer psychic readings for connecting with the spirit world. We use ancient shamanic techniques to achieve a connection.

    Are you psychic mediums?

  • No. We are not psychic mediums, our readings are shamanic and are different in principle.
    Shamanic knowledge understands that everything on the Earth has a spirit, not just people but animals, plants and even rocks. Everything that is, was or will be is on a spiritual journey. There are known ways and techniques to make safe connections to the spirit world using shamanic tools and shamanic journeying, to open a doorway into the spirit world without risk.
    Psychic mediums use various techniques to produce similar results.

  • Can you contact deceased friends and relatives?

  • No. We can't do that. Psychic mediums make that claim but it remains open to question whether that is really what is occurring. The truth is that nobody knows what really happens to our individual spirits when we die, mankind has no knowledge of an "afterlife" specifically, different customs and cultures promote various ideas. Some believe there is a heaven, others believe in reincarnation but the ultimate truth is that mankind does not know any real facts.
    We can open a door way into the spirit world and see if a spirit will send a message, sometimes precise details are given about the communicating spirit and at other times little is given.

  • Can you communicate with spirits during a psychic reading?

  • We can make a connection with the spirit world by using shamanic tools. A detailed result can not be guaranteed and individual spirits can't be requested to appear or forced into a dialogue. It is usually possible to gain further knowledge and clarification of any subject or question during a reading. A message from the spirit world can be sought and interpreted in accordance with shamanic knowledge of this area.

  • What type of reading is best for connecting with the spirits?

  • It doesn't matter whether you book a face to face reading or opt for a telephone or email reading. All techniques can deliver a spirit message, however actual meetings and phone calls will give you interaction which can bring the required answers to your questions.

Future Readings

We offer psychic readings which are concerned only with the future. Usually these readings concentrate on the coming year ahead and give a breakdown of what events can be seen to occur. People and important situations can feature and an indication of at what period of time to expect them. If a longer forecast into the future is required this is not a problem. Future readings give you a chance to adjust your plans and even change the course of the likely future before events unfold. You are largely responsible for the outcome of your own future and a reading like this is intended to empower you.

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Psychic Readings

What Are The Disadvantages?

  • Psychic readers vary greatly in their approach and techniques, making it difficult to choose the most suitable reading and reader.
  • It can be difficult to locate a quality psychic reader, often having to travel distances to find one.
  • A long Psychic reading can be deeply revealing, and touch on uncomfortable issues.
  • Psychic readings can be lengthy and relatively expensive.
  • There is often no way of telling how genuine a psychic reader is and testing their ability.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Quality psychic readings can help to illuminate numerous situations and events and bring greater understanding in many areas of life.
  • A good psychic will usually allow you to interact with them during your reading and answer any additional questions which may arise.
  • Psychic readings can be very in depth and cover many different areas/ questions in one sitting .
  • There are a wide variety different types and methods of psychics to choose from.
  • A psychic reading can be a very memorable and influential experience .

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