About Psychic Readings

A psychic reading can give you the opportunity to gain an independent and fresh perspective of a situation. Available in South West Ireland, online and by phone.

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How It Works

You can either ask your questions or have an open reading.

Psychic Readings Cover Many Subjects

You dont need to choose a reading - but you can if you wish. We normally just choose the best option for you using a variety of traditional techniques.

Hearts Desire

Concerned with your future and the outcome of wishes. This is a classic fortune telling spread. Can give yes and no answers.

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Folklore says: Not for the faint hearted and should only be drawn once a month.

Traditionally popular with lovers but used to see if any type of desire will manifest not just love.

Future Vision

The psychic eye - or third eye is said to be located in the forehead region. Mythology says it can see what is taking form in the astral realm.

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The Coming year. A look at your future for the next 12 months - based on Tarot Celestial circle.

The Distant Future. Looking over serveral years - the longer term view.

Spirit Message

It is said that through accessing the subconcious mind it is possible to communicate with any spirit. A message from the spirit world.

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Many Shaman say that a pathway exists that leads to the place of the ancestors.

A Shaman may then be seen as a messenger that exchanges communications between two worlds.

Past Present Future

This reading needs no introduction. An all time favourite with its origins lost in history. An excellent overview of the entire situation

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Another fortune telling favourite. Great for first time readings.

If you have no question this reading is often used. Also used for character readings, looking into - mind -spirit - emotions - physical.

Mystical Cross

The soul is said to be on an eternal journey. We are here in this life to learn lessons and then move on. This life time is an inner crossroads.

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Your inner Shamanic pathways of development.

  • Wisdom and knowledge

  • Illumination and perception

  • Love and trust

  • Transformation and introspection

How Psychic Reading Works

Questions or open readings. We can then tell you what is shown. Face to face and phone readings will give the chance to interact and ask more questions. In-depth questions produce in-depth answers.

Booking Information

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  • 2

  •   60

If visting us or booking to visit you, we give psychic readings to individuals and groups- starting from €60. Discounted group bookings. These psychic readings last for 15 - 30 minutes per person depending on purchase.

Hover on icons for extra info:

Fortune Tellings  

Psychic Readings 
Min - Max 30 Mins - 2 Hrs 30 Mins - 2 Hrs
Min - Max €15 - €27 €22.50 - €81
Min - Max 3 - 12 1 - 8
Min - Max 10 Mins - 10 Mins 15 Mins - 30 Mins

** These prices are estimated from the information on this website. Prices for other counties outside of our regular visiting areas are variable . Please use the contact form for any queries.

Psychic Insight - Individual Empowerment

Personal knowledge and empowerment through a subconscious connection.

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Very Clear Meanings

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Each symbol has a specific connection.

A Unique Inner Journey

Some symbols are drawn only once - others several times.

with over 500 symbols and thousands of meanings

every individual journey is unique.

Made From Ash Wood

From a fallen Ash tree branch 36 wooden discs were cut . Over 500 symbols were created and drawn on to both sides of the discs. A symbol represents a piece of information or concept. A hieroglyphic language was formed, it took over three years to fully complete. Each symbol acts as a psychic link between the conscious and subconscious mind. This is real shamanic divination.

Based on study of :

  • Parapsychology And Syncronicity: Carl Jung

  • Shamanic Knowledge

  • The Medicine Wheel

  • The Tarot: Sheridan Douglas Tarot, Ryder Waite Tarot

  • Cartomancy: Traditional Cartomancy

  • Astrology: Sun Astrology

  • Folk Lore: Celtic Tree Lore

  • Flower Remedies: Alternative Therapies By Edward Bach

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Instant Free Psychic Readings

We have included a couple of ways to get an instant free psychic reading. These two techniques are simple but effective, both rely on syncronicity and are intended to act as individual guidance.

The Wheel Of Fortune

If you need a quick yes or no answer - spin the wheel

  • Have a clear question firmly in your mind

  • Let fate decide instantly

  • Take A Deep Breath

  • Click the wheel

Random Word Generator

Everything has meaning - try a random word

  • Write your question in the box

  • Say the question aloud a few times

  • Envisage a recieving meaningful result

  • Click Random Word Web link

  • Dictionary Web link for more depth



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