Test Our Psychic Abilities

Some people are more concerned with testing our psychic ability than the actual reading itself, this is understandable as people want real readings. We are professionals that have learnt our craft and can offer a test for those individuals. First lets establish what we are talking about when we use the term psychic and a few other facts.

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A Closer Look At Our Psychic Ability

    Are you natural born psychics?

  • Everyone is born with natural psychic abilities whether you call it intuition or sixth sense. It is impossible to rate or measure natural psychic ability, much like trying to decide which person has the most colourful dreams. Anyone with the inclination can learn to give a psychic reading if they are using a knowledge based system and are prepared to put in the time to study their chosen craft. Individual intuition is applied in conjunction with acquired knowledge to give a good psychic reading.

  • Has science proved the validity of psychic phenomena?

  • Science has been unable to prove or disprove psychic ability. Scientific experiments are based on objective study not subjective personal experience. Science can not prove that people fall in love, dream or like a particular type of music because these feelings and occurrences are subjective to individuals, yet most of us experience these things as reality within life .

  • How can a psychic be tested for accuracy?

  • Psychic ability can not be tested scientifically, there is no accepted test. Whilst intuition certainly plays a role in psychic reading there remains no test. The only thing that can be tested is the knowledge of the individual in relation to their chosen technique of divination. A demonstration of this knowledge is the only reassurance of a genuine psychic reader that can be given.

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Test Our Knowledge Of Our Craft

As we created our tools of divination the meaning and picture of each individual hieroglyph symbol was written down and hand drawn in a book. Over 500 symbols were drawn by us on each set of ash wood rounds. We each made our own set of rounds and it takes about 2 hours to read aloud all their meanings when spoken at a brisk pace. We have studied these meanings for years in order to give truthful readings based on what is known. If your main objective is to establish whether we are genuine psychics, we are able to demonstrate our knowledge of our psychic divination system with a test.

Test Us For Accuracy Of Knowledge

The test is simple. We can meet at an arranged appointment, you can hold the interpretation book containing the drawn symbols and their meanings and test our knowledge. Every time we get a meaning wrong we will give you €1 and every time we get it right you give us €1. Minimum test 100 symbols. The test will establish beyond any doubt that we know our craft inside out. Our readings are based on knowledge handed down through generations and you may rest assured that our interpretations are correct.

Test Psychic Readings For Accuracy

There is no test that you can perform as psychic readings are subjective in their nature. Divination techniques such as Shamanism, the I Ching, Tarot and Runes have been handed down through generations for hundreds or maybe thousands of years, they exist in all cultures. Much investigation has been made in these areas with some remarkable discoveries and realizations, look at our resources page for suggested further reading. You are unlikely to ever prove or disprove any form of divination - so far nobody has.

E.S.P IN Childhood

When I was about 8 years old I took some playing cards and I sat there and concentrated on the King of spades for about 10 minutes or so. I gave my brother the cards and asked him to select one and put it face down to one side. I had a good image of the King card in my mind and I projected the image onto my brother's forehead, a few moments later and much to his disapproval I correctly guessed his chosen card. My first encounter of many with E.S.P and the power of suggestion, I knew that I had discovered something special about the human mind.
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A Natural Gift

Years later I met a man called Brian at a community centre, he was about 20 years old and from Newcastle England. I gave him half a dozen playing cards and asked him to choose one and put the others face down on the table. I suggested which card he had chosen and to his surprise it was correct, we repeated the exercise a few times with similar results. A few other people began to watch with interest and I did the same thing with them.
Brian had never seen anything like this in his life and he had no interest in the paranormal or psychic phenomena, a few beers and a football match was more his department. Brian decided to give this a try himself and to both of our surprise he correctly told me which card I had chosen, he did this several times with me and then with other people in the room.
By the end of the evening he was able to find any playing card you asked him to from the entire pack, laid face down on the table. It was incredible and neither of us have any idea how he did it, he didn't get it wrong once.
I have never seen anything like it - I was lost for words.
Chris Davies

Psychic Healings

We do not offer any kind of healing.

We don't think that there is any doubt that there are real alternatives to modern medicine and we have both experienced first hand that it is possible to heal using unscientific techniques. We would favour the approach of an holistic method of health which includes careful diet, exercise and avoidance of people and situations which cause stress. A lot of illness is caused by holding onto negative emotions which should be let go or by allowing psychic vampires to constantly drain your life force. Here we will discuss a few of our experiences and opinions on this subject.

Psychic Vampires

"Psy Vamps" are not a figment of your imagination, they are real and probably surround you at all times. These people will suck away your energy much like a vampire sucks blood and worse still you yourself will become a vampire if you allow yourself to be bitten!
Psy vamps are people who leave you feeling drained after a meeting, they will often use obligation to get close to you and then leach your vital life force. The damage done by this leaching has a huge impact on your inner energy and can lead to stress which in turn may lead to illness.
If you have one of these blood suckers latched onto you you really need to deal with it. Garlic and crucifixes just wont do the trick, you need to confront these people and tell them straight that they leave you feeling drained and to back off - the majority of the time this will cure the problem and you will feel better immediately. The worst psy vamps are those people whom take pleasure in watching you or others fail, it is actually a dangerous mental illness called schadenfreude - you can't reason with these vamps nor should you humour them, in these cases the only worthwhile response is to get away from them. People rarely if ever recover from schadenfreude.

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Holy Wells

There have been numerous locations throughout history that have gained a reputation as places of healing. Spas and holy wells are probably the most widely recognised of those in these lands, and have been highly regarded through the ages by Christians and Pagans alike for their miraculous waters. Many original pre-christian healing wells were taken on and sanctified by the church who appreciated their importance and use in the community. These wells were known locally for their particular attributes and curative powers. Some were associated with fertility or age related illness, where as others were linked to specific problems like skin disorders and blindness. I have visited lots of holy wells over the years, but I have only put their healing to the test once. This was whilst visiting a historical site which contained a castle, well, church and several other very old buildings. On this trip I was suffering from a small, but painful lump on my foot which had been bothering me for around a month. My husband suggested to me that I should dip my foot in the well, which I did without expecting anything to happen. The water was cool and comforting, but as I pulled my boot on I somewhat disregarded the whole experience. It was only after I had returned home that I realised that my foot really did suddenly improve, and quite swiftly over the next week or so the problem cleared up completely.
Anne Davies