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We are available for group readings throughout Co Clare. We will travel anywhere from Ennis to Lisdoonvarna, Kilkee to Ballyvaghan. We currently offer a talk to a psychic and email psychics service for this area.

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This page includes articles and information on some of our
paranormal experiences.

Superior Standards

We have listened to the critics and have tried to address the concerns relating to giving quality psychic readings. We work hard to deliver the best experience possible, quality and satisfaction are important to us. We study our profession continuously so we can expand our knowledge and improve our techniques wherever possible through an attitude of constant learning and open minds. You can perhaps find equals to us, but not better.
You can anticipate a truly superior standard in our work.

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How Our Readings Are Given

Our readings are based on known principles of Shamanism, Tarot and Cartomancy. We each give one to one psychic readings. We use shamanic methods to give classical past present and future readings because they are the most popular. We are however able to address any subject that you may require us to answer from spirits to dreams. Our techniques are knowledge based and give deep meaningful insights into situations and suit people who wish to interact with us for deeper understanding as well as those who prefer to say very little. We would recommend about half an hour per reading.

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Psychic readings - Fortune tellings 120 Mins.
An afternoon or evening of high quality back to back psychic readings given by either of us at your home or other venue.
Questions or general readings. You decide the group size and reading length.
For example: the duration can be divided by up to 12 people if required - 10 mins/ €28 Per Person.
Hours available 12pm to 12am - 7 days a week.
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Visit Us Fortune telling - Psychic readings 60 Mins.
Individuals and groups can arrange one to one readings. This duration could be divided by up to 6 people if desired working out as 10 Mins/ €15 Per Person.
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Visit Us Individuals and groups can arrange one to one readings. This duration of 30 mins could be divided by 2 or 3 people if desired - 10Mins/ €20 Per Person..
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Psychic Readings Via Email

If you can't visit us and a group booking does not suit your requirements, we offer an email psychic service. from this website.

For a more detailed description of this service why not take a look at our other website. A good alternative way to get a psychic reading. click the image below

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A Mysterious Visitor

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Whilst living in Kilfenora in County Clare I had a strange, fleeting experience one evening as I was standing in my kitchen chopping vegetables. I was stood at my worktop with my back facing the open front door, when I suddenly became aware that someone was coming in through the door way. I saw in my mind's eye the image of a young woman dressed in poor, old fashioned looking clothes. She seemed to be quickly approaching me with anger, as if she were going to shout or strike me. Startled by this I turned around at once to see the exact character I had envisaged, only she was now a couple of paces closer to where I stood. As soon as I faced her the image faded and disappeared before my eyes. I was left mystified and with a feeling of unease, but although I encountered other unusual phenomena in that house I never saw that woman or experienced anything quite like that again.

A Divination System

We created our tools of divination that we use for psychic readings whilst we lived in Clare. It took us about three years of study and craft work.

A Shamanic Divination System Created In Co Clare

The west direction of the shamanic medicine wheel is associated with attainment of physical power and magic, so the mid west of Ireland seemed like a fitting place to undertake this project.
We asked the spirits to help us find an ash wood branch to make our wooden rounds , you can't just saw bits off of trees at random without the permission of the spirit of the tree.

As if by magic, a sawn ash wood branch was left in the lane about 500 yards from our house within a few days. We have no idea how it got there but we took this as a meaningful coincidence and used the branch.
We spent many a late night piecing together the complementary information of various systems of esoteric knowledge, we didn't think we would ever reach the end of this monumental task.
It is a part of the shamanic journey to create your own tools for whatever purposes you feel drawn to.

Baptism Of Fire

We needed to start somewhere, so we first incorporated the Death Tarot card on to our rounds. The next day our son managed to burn our Landlords silage barn to the ground, we thought he was dead. Thank god he was not dead, but he got burned pretty badly. We did not know what to do or how to take this incident.
We were so shocked by this near miss, we did not continue our work on the rounds for nearly a year.

Psychic Animals

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Through many experiences in our lives we have both become aware that animals can see things that we cant, perhaps the future. According to shamanic teachings animals are connected to the future, they are known to exhibit strange behaviour before the occurrence of natural disasters and often react more sensibly to the situation than humans. A Lakota Shaman once told us that if your ever caught in a tornado to jump onto a horse's back because they know the safe way out. We always pay attention to our surroundings if our cats begin to behave strangely, it doesn't always have meaning because they are a little neurotic at the best of times.

I was sitting at my desk working on the computer. I became aware that the neighbouring farm dog "Buddy" seemed to be running backwards and forwards past the house in the lane. I was quite surprised because I don't recall ever seeing him outside of his territory alone. After he had run past about a dozen times I stood up and looked around but I could not see anything unusual. He kept running up the hill towards my Landlords house and barking, then he would turn the other way and repeat the whole process.
A few moments later my landlady pulled up quickly in her car. Her barn was on fire. My son and daughter who were last seen in the barn were missing.
I am convinced that Buddy knew what was going on and tried to warn me.


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