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We are currently giving readings to groups of people in Co Cork. From Mallow to Youghal, Cork city to Bantry we cover the whole area. We also currently offer a talk to a psychic and email psychics service in this area.

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High Standards

Our services are intended to provide the best experience possible. We are the best psychics that you could wish to meet. Our readings are knowledge based and are constantly being improved as we continue to gain experience and understanding. We have taken our abilities to a level that is simply unreachable to most, our dedication and commitment is second to none. We don't think that you will find anyone more dedicated in this area than us.
Reaching the highest standards is our objective in our methods.

How We Give Our Readings

Our psychic readings are based on known principles of Shamanism, Tarot and Cartomancy. We use shamanic tools to give a classic past present and future reading because these tend to be the most popular. We can answer questions during the reading to give further insight in any particular area of interest. We are able to address other types of questions in any area that you have from dream interpretation to spirit activity and specific questions. We are flexible to your approach, whether you prefer to interact with us or sit back and let events unfold. A reading is usually best performed in about half an hour per person.

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A Reading Via Email

If you do not want to arrange a group booking and you can't make it in person, why not purchase a psychic reading by email from this website. Click the button below for information.

Email Readings

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Hen Parties

Magical Circles

A Neolithic Stone Circle In County Cork

Stone circles are magical energy centres that were built by our ancestors. Much speculation exists about their use and purpose and many stories are told about these places. Here is one;

I first visited Co Cork about 20 years ago on a motorcycling trip with a friend. Late one night we decided to visit a stone circle in the county for the experience. We sat on the circle's edge in the misty night and watched as two young lovers came into the circle and ran between the standing stones holding hands and laughing, " they won't see us " I said to my friend and to our amazement they came within 6 feet of us without noticing us at all. We looked at each other as the lovers skipped away in to the night - the strangeness had begun.
It started to rain very lightly so we both moved into the circle and sat with our backs against the standing stones. My attention was drawn to stone opposite me and as I looked it appeared to turn jet black, I tried to focus on the stone and as I did so the stone just to it's left turned even blacker. I turned my head to try to focus but each time i did the next stone in the circle turned black. In my peripheral vision it looked as though the blackness was moving from stone to stone at an increasing speed, lines of " black light " were visible coming from the moving darkness within each stone projecting a shining black line into the center of the circle.

A Stone Circle In Co Cork

As the speed of the moving shape increased we were both thrust back against the standing stones with a centrifugal force similar to a fair ground ride, the circle was spinning. The spin increased in velocity and then began to feel like one side was rising and the other falling with increasing height and speed - it is hard to this justice with a written description. We were seeing black lights whilst pinned to the stones and being thrust up into the air and down again - it got faster and faster. " whats going on Nathan? " I shouted, " I don't know !" he said. We got up and ran out of the circle.

I returned the next morning and left an offering to the spirits. I could not remember the name of that place when I returned to England, which really annoyed me. I returned to Ireland and found my way back to that same place nearly 10 years later - I did not experience anything unusual the second time although I suspect that I may have another experience there in the future .

Chris Davies

County Cork Group Visits

The minimum booking for a visit to Co Cork is 60 minutes. You decide how many people get a reading during that time. The maximum reading time for 1 person is 30 minutes.

This is an example breakdown of how a 1 hour Cork group booking can be organized for 6 people.

Hover on the icons for extra info.

Your Reader  
10 Min

10 Min

10 Min

10 Min

10 Min

10 Min



  • Opening Ceremony. Preparation of 5 to 10 minutes before readings.

  • Random Selection. You can let destiny decide. 6 types of readings.

  • Reading and explanation - 10 mins each person.

Totally Flexible Arrangements

If you would like to do things differently it's no problem. Our time can be organized in any way you wish. Bookings for longer time periods, larger group sizes and specific reading types can be requested.

Memory Loss

I have read the opinion of a psychologist who says it is not possible to forget an incident - to lose memory of it. The reason I am talking about this is because our psychic readings are usually part concerned with the past. Perhaps you have forgotten a whole episode of great importance that may feature in a psychic reading.

I lived in an apartment in the UK for about 6 months and my friend lived next door, I had been visiting that place for years. One day a tragedy occurred at that address and I stood outside talking to the police, I looked up at the balcony above me which I had stood on many times recently and a memory hit me that I could not believe.
I suddenly remembered that I had been brought to this very place years before by my mother. I had been standing on the balcony whilst she visited her friends in one of the apartments, a small Labrador puppy had walked through my legs and straight off of the balcony. It died in the very spot where I now stood. I do not understand why or how I had forgotten this tragic event in this place. I couldn't even remember having visited this address before my friend moved in. With hindsight I felt like the puppy's death had been an omen to me that this was a place of recurring tragedy - for me.

The mind plays tricks, never be sure that your memory serves you well - mine certainly didn't.

Standing Stone Circle County Cork

Tuning Your Senses

In today's modern society we are largely sheltered from the necessity of using many of our senses to their full potential. Although some people may seem to be naturally more in tune with their surroundings than others, it is possible for anyone to become more sensitive to the subtle energies around them and awaken their sixth sense. This can be done quite simply by purposefully developing your five ordinary physical senses of sight, hearing , touch , taste and smell. By regularly spending a few minutes concentrating on observing what you are sensing you are becoming more aware. For instance, you could begin by concentrating on observing your sense of smell. Breathing deeply, but naturally through the nose and taking the time to absorb the messages that the sensitive organ of smell is communicating. Trying to identify and separate the different qualities of the smells and experience the different affects these have on your thoughts and feelings. It doesn't have to be something that you spend long doing at a time, regular practice is the key to development and is much better than a once off session. Spending just a few minutes intentionally observing your individual senses one at a time can greatly improve your understanding and sensitivity to your environment and allow your sixth sense to be more readily recognised, and communicate more freely with you in your day to day life.

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