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Economical, technological and geopolitical policies designed for prosperity in the 21st century

Although we now undoubtedly live in a time of economic turmoil and fiscal uncertainty, we can rest assured that our future is secure in the hands of mathmatical interlectuals with an intricate understanding of the application modern geopolitcal economics.


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Coronavirus: People will have to get used to the new normal

A former government employee shares the wisdom of his experience on the normalization of new societal trends. The necessity of public acceptance and ecomonic advancement and benefits related to these policies.

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Intelligent progressive action to stop the infection spreading

It is reasuring to know that intelligent protocol initiated every possible measure to stop the Chinese virus spreading from the start.

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Technology & Economics:

Ireland embraces automated technology to stay ahead economically despite the lockdown

Luckily the essential deployment of 5G infastructure continued throughout the lockdown whilst many non essential businesses remained closed. ‘If we do not roll out 5G on a geographic basis, we will be missing out on a major opportunity’ – Senior minister: 2016 .

Beneficial advancements in artificial intelligence and technological information

Peter Thiel the billionaire entrepreneur and cofounder of Paypal has posed some very serious questions concerning the beneficial use of AI technology for free trade economics. July 2019

Martin Ford, author of the financial times business book of the year 2015 reiterates the opportunities driverless vehicles enabled by 5G technology will have on our economy.


A futuristic medical roadmap for the aversion and containment of pathogenic bacteria and infectious disease

There is no need for widespread concern and panic when you come to the realization that advanced medical study is on the frontline of this global war.

A disscussion about current covid information

A serious two hour interlectual disscussion about the covid 19 virus from April 2020

A radio broadcast - fighting the virus with facemasks

Here is a radio interview detailing the validity of using facemasks at all levels of society including children in schools and winning the hearts and minds of citizens. September 2020

Observations about the dangers of asymptomatic transmission of the virus and the impact that is being experienced in wider society as a result. September 2020

Government ministers and the health service join forces

A round table discussion by government departments has devised a plan of action to help save the pubs of Ireland. The highly reasearched and sophistcated white paper which has been leaked to the public stands as testament to the dedication and scientfic understanding to be employed.

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Frontline leadership in the virus information war

A senior minister in a clear demonstation of leadership addressed members of the hard-working frontline staff of Dublin’s Civil Defence at a press release. Drawing on the annals of extensive medical research he outlined the steps individuals can take to halt the spread of the covid19 virus.

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We will get back to normal eventually

We can all rest assured that the leadership of differing political parties the world over are united and standing shoulder to shoulder in the race to find an effective vaccine for this virus. It seems that only when this cure is deployed will we have any "peace and normality back in our lives".

A worldwide vaccination programme has been planned. Here is a podcast discussion about how long will we have to wait for this cure and how will events unfold.

We Need An Army Of Remote Viewers

A message to all the psychics, witches and shaman accross the world.

We have entered a time of great turmoil and imbalance, the people of the world need you to use your skills to ensure the freedom of mankind before it is lost forever. We invite you to use your skills and powers and use remote viewing techniques to bring about those positive changes...

Chris & Anne Davies

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