Fortune Tellings

If you are hosting an event or private function which requires tradtional fortune tellings, we are proud to offer an excellent service .

Fortune telling crystal ball.

Fortune telling card.

Fortune Tellings

Throughout Ireland

Fortune telling card.
Fortune telling card.

High Quality


Fortune telling card.

Traditional Fortune Tellings

Supply the very highest standard of traditional fortune tellings for your planned event.

Our high standards and theatrical approach will make your party or event a night to remember. We use traditional Romany fortune tellings techniques such as the Hearts desire... the Celestial circle... and the Romany way...

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Book The Highest Quality

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Fortune Tellers

Fortune Tellings Explained

Our fortune tellings are based on cartomancy, each playing card has a meaning. Traditional spreads are used to answer questions - and the results are seen as chance. Colourful historical fairground entertainment.

Stone Doorway.

Celestial Circle

What will happen in the next 12 months.

Professional Entertainers

Stone Doorway.
Queen of hearts card.

Hearts Desire

A traditional spread for lovers. Yes and no answers.

Traditional Techniques

Stone Doorway.

Romany Way

Classic fortune telling. Past, present and future.

Excellent Fortune Tellers

Our fortune telling presentations are known to be bright, vibrant and exciting. Our clients say they enjoy the clarity of our readings and our professionalism.

A fortune telling crystal ball.

King of clubs card.

Fortune Tellings

Queen of hearts card.


Queen of clubs card.

Themed Parties

King of hearts card.

Excellent Prices

A wealth of experience spanning over 20 years has brought our fortune telling services to events all over Ireland.

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