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We offer readings to groups and individuals in Co Kerry. For group bookings we visit all areas of the county from Tralee to Tarbert, Killarney to Dingle and everywhere else. We now also offer a talk to a psychic and email psychics service for all areas.

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Professional Standards

Our goal is delivery of psychic readings to a truly professional level of quality. It is extremely rare to find individuals who have the focus and dedication that we possess. We have a wealth of experience which is a result of years of research and application. We strive to give the most memorable, accurate and articulate information possible. We pride ourselves on being the best in our field of expertize, we are second to none and intend to remain so.
A professional level is the only standard acceptable.

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How Readings Are Given To Clients

popular because they are a known and trusted structure we do not restrict you to this system. You can ask questions on any subject or area of interest that you have from love and romance to dreams and spirit activity. Choose to either interact and ask for clarification in certain areas or sit back and see what is revealed to you. The most insightful reading can be achieved within half an hour.

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Hen Parties

Ghost Voices

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People specialize in different areas of psychic interest. Some people claim to be clairaudient which means they have ability to hear the voices of spirits. We have been to a great many places with atmospheres where you would expect such an occurrence and we have seen first hand how certain individuals are tuned in to unseen energies. Sometimes sounds are heard externally in the "real" world and are unmistakable, they are a physical reality. At other times the sounds are heard inside with the inner ears like when you hear your owns words whilst reading - like now. Trusting in the inner ears and what they hear seems to play a huge part in clairaudience as often only one person may hear the sounds.

Spirits In Ardfert

I stopped in Ardfert on a beautiful summers day to let the kids play in the park. My attention became focused on the surrounding ruins in the area so I decided to investigate. For me psychic occurrences come in bursts of events in a chain reaction and this was no exception. My attention was drawn to a grave stone from a distance, so I walked over to it and was shocked to see that it had the name of someone on it who I knew years ago and had just been thinking about. It was not the same person. I glanced at another ancient grave and noticed that the name was the same as a character in a song I had just written in the previous weeks, the doorways to my subconscious were now open. Suddenly I heard distant chatter all around me coming from the ancient tombs, I was not trying to do this. I could not tell if the sounds were heard inside or outside of my mind and it was not at all frightening. It was real.
Chris Davies

County Kerry One To One Visits

You can opt for a one to one reading from either of us. To visit us the minimum booking is 30 minutes, or we will visit you with a minimum booking of 60 minutes. The maximum reading time allocated for 1 person is 30 minutes.

County Kerry Group Visits

We cater for larger groups, visit us or visit you. Below is an example of how our time can be arranged for a group of 6 people.

This is an example breakdown of how a 1 hour Kerry group booking for 6 people can be organized.

Hover on the icons for extra info.

Your Reader  
10 Min

10 Min

10 Min

10 Min

10 Min

10 Min



  • Opening Ceremony. 5 to 10 minutes to prepare before readings begin.

  • Random Selection. What is destined for you? 6 Different Readings.

  • Reading and explanation - 10 mins each person.

Totally Flexible Planning

If you would prefer to do things differently it's no problem. You can arrange our time however it suits you. Bookings for different group sizes, reading types and longer time periods on request.

Spooky Places

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Some places have a strong positive frequency and some a strong negative frequency. Irrespective of whether you believe in spirits and ghosts you will often find that some places are best left alone and these places usually come with a warning from the local people. One such place is found in County Kerry on a desolate cliff area. All the local people we have spoken with have described this as a dangerous place and advised that we stay away from it, many have vowed to never return there. The frequency of this place is known far and wide and is connected with terrible events - no roads lead there and no one lives there. It is possible that the people we have spoken to have intuitively identified the "spirit" of this place.
As sensitives to some degree, we have both felt the danger that is in this area and treat it with respect and caution. The "spirit" of this place is ancient and will remain there for millenia. A psychic sensitive is able to tune in and communicate with this ancient place but not able to reason with or control it. Some places are best left alone.

A Reading Via Email

"An excellent alternative way to get a psychic reading!"

If you can't make it in person, consider our email psychic service available through this website.For more detailed information about this specialized service click on the button below.

Email Psychic Service

Areas Hold Frequencies

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Ancient cultures understood that everything contained spirit within it. That is every rock, plant, planetary body, animal and human was directed by an individual energy which characterized it as unique and manifested itself physically as one form or another. Places also hold spirit and energy, this can be better understood as the the spirit of the land, water, plants and everything together in that location which resonates as a specific energy frequency that is often picked up on as a feeling. locations can sometimes contain the spirit energies of different people and animals who used to inhabit or frequent it. Places of natural beauty often have a strong attractive force which draws people to want to spend time there and experience the positive spirit that is present. Some places also hold a bad feeling energy, this can be due to many reasons from a troubled historic connection to dangerous land or weather conditions which exist in that place. It is always advisable to trust your feelings when you encounter a place with a negative spirit or energy as these communications are there to advise and inform you.

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