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We currently travel to Co Limerick to give readings for groups. Whether you are in Limerick city, Newcastle West, Abbeyfeale or anywhere else. We offer a talk to a psychic and email psychics service as well.

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Excellent Standards

Our intention is to give the best experience of a psychic reading. You can trust that we are well studied and researched in parapsychology and all relevant subjects relating to our craft. Our knowledge is extensive and is the foundation of excellence that is underlying in all our psychic readings. It is hard to find anyone who has put in comparable study to the levels that we have. We continue to accumulate information as we progress to the highest levels in our field.
Excellence is our objective, anything less is compromise.

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How We Give Readings

Our readings are based on known methods of Shamanism, Tarot and Cartomancy. We give past present and future type readings because these are what people often require. We each work on a one to one basis using shamanic tools and techniques. You are not restricted to this process and you are able to ask questions about any conceivable subject from dreams and ambitions to spirit activity and focused future events. You can ask us to expand information on any area for more details or you can just sit back and see what turns up. A good reading is performed in about half an hour per person

Readings Via Email

If you're not looking for a group event booking and you can't make it in person, our email service may suit you better. You can order through this site.

For more detailed information about this alternative method of getting a psychic reading click on the button below.

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Hen Parties

Lough Gur

Lough Gur Stone Circle County Limerick

Lough Gur is a massive complex of neolithic stone circles and settlements. It was obviously an important place and is well worth exploring.
The stone circles are well preserved and are built on significant geographical locations. The general view of historians is that these places are astronomical observatories or places of ritualistic sacrifice, well it sounds exciting but that is not our view at all.

Lough Gur Grange Stone Circle County Limerick

There is also an interesting Wedge Tomb located down one of the lanes near to the main circle. It has a quaint feeling and is an atmospheric place. There is a story that an old woman lived in the tomb in recent history, the local people developed a rumour that she had hidden some articles of value there. When she died they excavated the whole area looking for the "treasure", of course they found nothing.

Lough Gur Wedge Tomb County Limerick

Spirits Of Lough Gur

Although we did not see or hear anything notable the spirit of the woman who lived here can still be felt in this place, her presence is quite strong. The stronger spirit in this area is the spirit of greed and is still alive and well and you wont need to be a psychic sensitive to pick up on it. The spirit which invokes this irrational greed bears all of the hallmarks of a creature from the underworld who delight in confusing men with fools gold, legends are full of these stories.
Creatures of the underworld are often active in these types of places because doorways between different levels of reality have been opened there.

County Limerick Group Visits

The minimum booking for a visit to Co Limerick is 60 minutes. You decide how many people get a reading during that time. The maximum reading time for 1 person lasts 30 minutes.

This is an example breakdown of how a 1 hour Limerick group booking for 6 people can be organized.

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Your Reader  
10 Min

10 Min

10 Min

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  • Opening Ceremony. Prepartions for readings take 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Random Selection. With 6 different readings, why not let your reading choose you.

  • Reading and explanation - 10 mins each person.

Your Readings Your Way

Our structure is flexible let us know what you want to do. Our time can be divided in anyway that suits you. Catering for different group sizes, longer time periods and reading preferences by request.

Stone Circle Shaman

Lough Gur Stone Circle County Limerick

Stone circles have a shamanic use and each area of the circle has it's purpose. Natural lines of energy which cross the entire earth have been tapped into at these places, they are places of magic and are sacred. Some people are able to detect these energy lines by using dowsing techniques which vary from metal rods to pendulums. The controlling powers of our society have demonised these places and the people who visit and use them, they are afraid of people empowering themselves. All of the significant buildings in our society are built on these lines of power, they use this to their own advantage.
The north American Indians have similar circles within their cultures and whilst they do have a connection to the changing seasons it is not their sole purpose. There is much that can be learnt from investigating the North American Indian Medicine Wheel, the information and techniques have been kept by these people to a time comes where they are needed again - now.

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