Psychic Entertainers

We provide professional psychic entertainment. Tarot readings, fortune tellings, psychic readings, and a variety of interesting psychic workshops for private parties, occasions and corporate events.

Psychic entertainers.

We are a dedicated psychic entertainment business

Our focus is providing psychic entertainment with a high degree of professionalism and creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for our clients.

We are professional psychic entertainers

Our psychic entertainment packages are colourful, interactive, fun and flexible. We have over 20 years experience of providing high quality psychic readings and workshops.

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About psychic entertainers

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A professional psychic who delivers readings with precision and clarity.


Knowledgeable, truthful and experienced. An expert psychic entertainer.

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We use handmade psychic tools

It took us three years to handcraft our tools from Ash wood and stone. Incorporating the tarot, cartomancy, medicine wheel, Edward Bach, astrology and more.

Psychic tools

Crystal clear and unique psychic readings

Clients love our very precise and clear interpretations. Hundreds of symbols with thousands of meanings create totally unique readings for each person.

Psychic tools

Psychics for parties and themed events

We provide excellent psychic entertainment for your themed events. Tailored packages for Halloween, festive and hen parties. One to one readings and workshops.


Professional Tarot.

Tarot Readings


Traditional fortune telling techniques.

Fortune Tellings


Spirit Energies.

Psychic Readings


Colourful And Interactive.

Psychic Workshops

Create an exciting event to remember, book our psychic entertainment services for your private party, corporate event or occasion.

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