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You can get your questions answered quickly. Perhaps try our services online first before booking us for your event. Skype readings at short notice 30 minutes for €40. Online readings presented in video or multimedia format, including photo, audio, video, and text options - usually in under 24 hours starting from €25...


100 words of text are included in a multimedia reading.

Psychic readings online

You can get all your questions answered - usually in under 24 hours.

Perhaps try our services online first before booking us for your event.

A great way to try our services. Psychic readings online are filmed live as they unfold. Close up camera work with precise interpretations which draw on a knowledge base from tarot, cartomancy, the medicine wheel and other areas.

You can choose your reader. You can ask questions or opt for a general reading which will give an overall assessment of energies affecting the different areas of your life.

A link to your finished reading will usually be delivered to your email address within 24 Hours.

Choice of psychic reader


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Psychic readings online are filmed live

Our psychic readings are filmed as they unfold. You will see the entire process from start to finish with detailed explanations and no rehearsals, this gives you the best experience of our services possible. Video, text and photo with audio options.Take a look at an online reading here...

10 Minute Video

20 Minute Video+Photo

20 Minute Multimedia

Psychic readings by Skype

You can get your questions answered at short notice with a skype call. Choice of reader. A 30 minute call costs €40. We use high definition cameras and studio microphones, a top quality interactive service. Call or text message us on Skype or our mobile phone before making payment to make sure we are ready to give your reading.

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Call us first 083-8284435

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Purchasing psychic readings online

Use a Paypal button above to purchase an online psychic reading.

You can ask questions after payment.

A link to your completed reading will be sent to your email address usually within 24 hours.

  • Love and relationships

  • Careers and finance

  • Spirit connections

  • Past, present, future

  • General reading

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