Psychic Readings Online

Psychic readings online

You can get all your questions answered - usually in under 24 hours. Perhaps try our services online first before booking us for your event.

Online readings presented in video or multimedia format, including photo, audio, video, and text options - usually in under 24 hours starting from €25... A great way to try our services. Psychic readings online are filmed live as they unfold. Close up camera work with precise interpretations which draw on a knowledge base from tarot, cartomancy, the medicine wheel and other areas.

  • You can choose from our three online reading options.

  • You can choose your reader if you wish.

  • You can ask questions or opt for a general reading which will give an overall assessment of energies affecting the different areas of your life.

  • We will create a unique private page for you on this website.

  • A link to your finished online reading web page will usually be delivered to your email address within 24 Hours.

  • You can view your reading over and over and even download your video, photo and audio.

Skype readings online

Private consultations at short notice. Contact us by using the form on this page or call the mobile/ Skype number below to arrange your appointment. We will usually get back to you quickly.

Skype readings at short notice for maximum interaction and detailed answers using high definition cameras and microphones 30 minutes for €40...

  • Flexible times to suit your requirements - we work into the small hours.

  • You can choose your reader if you wish.

  • You can ask questions or opt for a general reading which will give an overall assessment of energies affecting the different areas of your life.

  • You can choose a video or voice call. You dont have to turn your own camera on if you require privacy. Send text or photos and record screen shots.

  • Top quality high definition cameras and microphones for excellent information.

  • Record the whole reading by using the advanced features on your own Skype account.

Scroll down to see how an online reading is presented and structured

1. Your question will be written here.

A copy of the question that you send us will be shown in this section. A more detailed and precise question will get a more detailed and accurate answer, so think carefully about what it is you want to know. If you did not ask a question we will use this area to give a brief overview of the reading we have chosen to give you.

2. The video of your reading is embedded here.

An unlisted [not visible to the public] Youtube video is included with all online readings. It takes both of us to produce your video. Whilst one of is filming the other will do your reading live. We film as the spread is shuffled and dealt out, close up camera work will zoom in on the symbols whilst their meanings are explained. Fast moving commentary and a real demonstration of our knowledge of our craft and the authenticity of your reading. High definition camera work and clear audio.

3. The photograph of your reading is placed here.

A photograph of your reading is included in two of our online reading options and it may help you to see further into any situation. Use the zoom tool on a desktop computer to scan around the photo whilst the audio is playing, the photo can also be launched out to full size using the button placed below. A chart showing a key to understanding the symbology is included with the final reading, with this extra information you may be able to focus further and take your understanding to new depths beyond the scope of the initial reading. Great for help in identifying people and energies and a valuable additional tool.


4. The audio comments about your reading are placed here.

The audio comments are included in our multimedia option and give us a further way to scan over what has been shown in your reading. We usually prepare this part at the very end of the process. We use this feature to guide you around the medicine wheel circle and give you more information. Play the looped audio on your device whilst looking at the photo and use the additional charts included in the final package. At times either or both of us may make comments that we feel are relevant to help your understanding increase and to give you an additional opinion. The length of the audio may vary but is usually a few minutes in duration depending on the information we feel should be imparted.

5. The written part of your reading is placed here.

Extra valuable comments are written in this section. We use this to expand further on what has been shown in your reading. The extra time that it takes to complete this work gives us more time to reflect on what we have seen and take your understanding deeper. A minimum of 100 words are included in our multimedia option.

Additional information including charts and diagrams containing further useful information will appear on your completed online reading page. Designed with the intention to take your reading to a deeper level of understanding.

Choice of psychic reader


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Psychic readings online are filmed live

Our psychic readings are filmed as they unfold. You will see the entire process from start to finish with detailed explanations and no rehearsals, this gives you the best experience of our services possible. Video, text and photo with audio options.

10 Minute Video

20 Minute Video+Photo

20 Minute Multimedia

Psychic readings by Skype

You can get your questions answered at short notice with a skype call. Choice of reader. A 30 minute call costs €40. We use high definition cameras and studio microphones, a top quality interactive service. Call or text message us on Skype or our mobile phone before making payment to make sure we are ready to give your reading.

Our Skype name is:

30 Minute Skype Video Call


Call us first 083-8284435

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Purchasing psychic readings online

Use a Paypal button above to purchase an online psychic reading.

You can ask questions after payment.

A link to your completed reading will be sent to your email address usually within 24 hours.

  • Love and relationships

  • Careers and finance

  • Spirit connections

  • Past, present, future

  • General reading

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