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We provide interesting and entertaining psychic workshops for your event, function or party tailored and suited to your requirements. Services throughout Ireland.

Psychic workshops in  Ireland

Entertaining Psychic Workshops

Arrange entertaining and exciting psychic workshops for your event or party

Organize an event to remember with our fun and interactive psychic workshops. Enjoy a temporary diversion from reality and accompany us on a journey into the unknown.

Workshop 1

 Directing Energies Workshop

Directing Energies

Get your objectves achieved. Shamanic team efforts to tap into hidden energies to focus on materialising a goal.

Workshop 2

Tarot Reading Workshop

The Tarot

Learn more about this ancient craft and become a Tarot reader. Amaze your friends with your new skill

Workshop 3

Psychic Powers Workshop

Psychic Powers

Perhaps you could be the next big thing in the psychic world.Step up and take our psychic power tests.

Workshop 4

Fortune Telling Workshop

Fortune Telling

Become A Fortune Teller in record time. Learn the art of Cartomancy and give your first reading.

Workshop 5

Crystal Magic Workshop

Crystal Magic

Delve into the fascinating world of crystals. Psychically charge your own crystal for any purpose.

Workshop 6

Medicine Wheel Workshop

The Medicine Wheel

Enter the sacred medicine wheel and learn something of its powerful effects and magical use.

Workshop 7

Pendulum Dowsing Workshop

Pendulum Dowsing

Learn the skill of dowsing and use your intuition to locate lost objects and discover hidden secrets.

Workshop 8

Spirit Connection Workshop

Spirit Connection

Come with us on a journey to the place of our ancestors. A connection to the world of spirit

Workshop 9

Custom Psychic Workshop

Custom Workshops

We can create the best workshop for your event. Intergrate any elements that you like. Customizable themes.

Workshop Booking Enquiries

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Our psychic workshops offer a variety of interactive activities and demonstrations which are great for team building and entertainment at both private and corporate events. Perhaps test your psychic powers... or learn to focus hidden energies... or you could even become a fortune teller...

Our approach to psychic workshops is professional and can be more akin to a fast moving business meeting, complete with white board, projectors and fun interactive tasks and demonstrations.

Psychic workshops.

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