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Remote viewing is much easier than you might think. It gives you the ability to see what is really going on and cause changes on the astral plane that have real effects in the physical world.

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Better to not harm another person or yourself

It's unnethical to act against someonebody's free will. It is nice to bring benefits to yourself and others.

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It does not matter who a person is or how powerful they may think they are, a good remote viewer can't be stopped from reaching them. On the astral plane there are no barriers between past, present and future and an individual is able to focus on any desired event in any time period to retrieve accurate information on what has happened and what will come. Depending on the skills, intentions and values of an individual anything that is desired can be achieved.

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A message to all the psychics, witches and shaman across the world.
We have entered a time of great turmoil and imbalance, the people of the world need you to use your skills to ensure the freedom of mankind before it is lost forever. We invite you to use your skills and powers and use remote viewing techniques to bring about those positive changes.

Chris & Anne Davies

Remote Viewing Explained

Meditation, shamanic visions, hypnosis, astral projection and prayer are all essentially the same as remote viewing but employ varying techniques to achieve their desired results. It is very easy and anyone with the desire can get good results in a very short space of time.

  • When targeting an individual the subconscious mind is assessed and usually influenced without the person's knowledge, this give an individual the opportunity to speak in no uncertain terms to someone who is effectively forced to listen.

  • When targeting physical substance the results can vary but massive changes can be caused with patience and practice. Changes to electronic devices, cell structure and even buildings are well documented - a form of psychokinesis.

  • When traveling to different geographical locations and buildings it is possible to see with amazing accuracy what is really going on behind enemy lines in real time, it is surprising how often you are able to substantiate what you have witnessed with further investigations.

Remote Viewing Techniques

Remote viewing can used with probably any psychic discipline that you lean towards. Some background knowledge is obviously essential to success, and always ensuring your own safety is required. There has been much written on how to psychically defend yourself before embarking on this type of work, a good start for those who are beginners is to investigate the principles of self hypnosis and creative visions whilst in this state, there are so many authors on this subject that we would not have a particular preference or recommendation.

"Perhaps consider avoiding some of the more well-known TV personalities who are quite possibly employed to deceive and misinform people."

Self guided meditation to visualize what you require happening is basically what brings about the desired results and is the most powerful form of magic that we have personally discovered. It is actually very straight forward and easy once you have found the correct information to get started, 10 mins of your time whilst relaxing in the bath can bring massive changes in physical reality.

Remote Viewing Is A Military Asset

Much study has be done into remote viewing by the militaries of most, if not all major countries. Some information is available about the use of CIA remote viewing operations such as the stargate project - the Soviets have documented and financally invested even more. Some very well-known mentalists are rumored to have worked at a high government level on tactical and even assisination projects.

A word of caution

Many government buildings, key politicians and military personnel are rumoured to be defended by remote viewers, governments employ private security companies who offer remote viewing to spy on people and worse. Although the general rule is to cause no harm to anyone the old adage that all is fair in love and war seems fitting for the user of these techniques in desperate times and when defending ones own safety, family or country.

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20 years plus of study and practice of subjects including the Tarot..., Cartomancy... and the medicine wheel... have enabled us to give excellent and exciting, interactive remote viewing lessons to our clients.

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