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If you require high quality Tarot readings for your corporate event, private party or other occasion. We can provide top quality services throughout Ireland.

Professional Tarot Readings

Our professional approach, smart presentation and business manner will make your function or event a truely memorable experience.

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Tarot Readers

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Tarot Readings

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Tarot Readers

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Tarot Readings Explained

Tarot cards are percieved to have mystical meanings. Concerned with a persons journey through this life and beyond. Top quality one to one readings

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Our Tarot readings are based on over 20 years of study and practice of the accepted interpretations from the works of the modern day masters. The official Rider-Waite and Alfred Douglas Tarot decks form the corner stone of our craft.

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Mystical Tarot

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Events And Parties

Arrange the very best in Tarot readings for your party or event

Our Tarot reading presentations are amongst the best, they're bright, colourful and enjoyable. Our readings are delivered with clarity and professionalism and are always popular at events.

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