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Terms Of Service

Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not legal or professional advice. Our entertainment service is subjective and intended for mature and open minded persons, we cannot guarantee satisfaction in all cases. Customers must be polite and courteous or we reserve the right to withdraw our services without notice or refund. Do not send any communication that is pornographic, threatening, abusive, violent, spam, spy-ware, mal-ware or intended to cause offence or damage to the website, this includes but is not limited to images, video files, text, HTML code, javascript, and spoken word. Breaches of the afore mentioned conditions may result in legal action traceable to the senders I.P. address, and termination of contract without refund. All prices quoted are correct at time of writing but may be subject to change. We reserve the right to refuse custom. All calls may be recorded. All booked psychic readings are allocated a precise time frame. We accept no liability for injury or loss to persons or property when visiting or being visited in relation to our services or any events or occurrences thereafter.

Booking And Payments

Booking Queries

Booking queries must be made through the correct booking query form. All details entered must be correct and have legal consent of the individuals involved. Booking query details are used to process payments. Booking of our services does not cover venue charges, the customer is responsible for all venue charges. We may not visit remote island regions.


Payment must be made through Paypal before psychic readings will be given. All payments must be legal, we will take no liability for misuse of payment systems. All cancellations of paid appointments must be notified to us and confirmed by us by either email or telephone at least 48 hours in advance, refunds under these circumstances will incur a 10% handling charge. Refunds will not be given under any other circumstances. Where we cancel our services a full refund will be given. We do not guarantee that we can give you advance notification if we cancel our services. We do not share your information with third parties unless we are legally required to do so.

Spam Filters

We have endevoured to ensure that only real and lawful communications are processed by our php form scripts. Our intention is to espouse a pervasive appreciation of the legal outcome of an intentional and committed breach of jurisprudnce in respect to
Communucation Laws and Regulations Circa:2019
and actuate a state of trepidation in the those persons instigating of such actions including but not limited to the incitement of unsolicited correspondence . Any percieved ramifications or penalty in relation to instigated actions exist only in the sense of the ostensible fallacious and illusory perceptions of the affore mentioned perpetrator. In simple terms, it is a practical jest. All undertakings by our php form processing scripts are carried out in accordance with the GDPR regulations.

Privacy Statement GDPR

The information that is collected on the website forms is only used to process your order. By filling in the form you are consenting to us collecting your information for this purpose. We do not store any of your personal information once the order is complete. We dont share your personal information with anyone else.

You are agreeing to these terms when you use this website or our services.


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